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Honourable Sir,

On behalf of the Indian Diaspora, I wish to convey heartfelt condolences to our Iranian brothers and sisters for the the worst tragedy of earthquake in Bam. Everyone is shaken with this cruel act of Nature.

I am sure the brave people of Iran would overcome this hour of testing and the most difficult job at this time is Rehabilitation of the people left homeless.
It is credit worthy that enitre humanity has joined in this relief operation opening a new era of dialogue among civilizations sharing the pain of each other.

As an Indian National Sikh born in Tehran, Iran,Tehran my heart out goes to the people of Bam and in this process I have joined the Millions who are trying to help the people in need.I am duty bound to appeal your kind consideration that the need of hour is Rehabilitation of the people who are homeless and the innocent Children who have become orphans.

I would be highly obliged that your organization considers to join the process of Rehabilitation and provides relief support in Cash and Kind to Iranian Relief Organizations for the brotherly people of Iran. The Least contribution one can make is by circulating this appeal to all the persons who wish to donate for this noble cause.

It is worthwhile to share with you an example of sharing suffering of humantiy. This is absolutely incredible - Indian Social worker & Saint Puran Singhs legacy carried to victims of Iran Earthquake. Pingalwara an organisation from Punjab,India that was set up by him and relies on charity to carry out its work is responding to the needs of victims. This must be the first in the world whereby a charitable organisation which itself in need of charity for it survival has made this very noble gesture. Lets all humanity and organisations follow the example and donate. The victims are in many cases fellow human beings who have lost a lifetimes work in one moment generated by the elements of the earth.

I hope by Grace of God and the contribution of all the volunteers and the support from you,we could help in this disaster relief operations to our brotherly people of Iran in every manner possible.

Thanks for your kind consideration in advance,and apology for any inconvenience.

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