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Dear Visitor and Sarbat Khalsa Ji,
Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa! Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh!

By the blessings of Kalghidhar Padashah Shahenshah Maharaj Guru Gobind Singh, the portal
www.gurugobindsingh.net dedicated to Maharaj Guru Gobind Singh is Online for the purpose to
Empower the Future Generation of Sarbat Khalsa. It is totally non commercial, non controversial and non
Political aimed at the Welfare of Universal Brotherhood and Empowering our future Generation to be
recognized within the Theme of Khalsa, The True Savior of the World Humanity, The Protector and Leader in every sphere to promote dialogue among religions.

It is the first portal, which is under construction step by step with democratic feedback online from
Sarbat Khalsa and all the Humanity worldwide who share the same cause so that we are able to follow on the footsteps of Maharaj Guru Gobind Singh Ji involving every soul and sharing with them the progress for dialogue among religions.

Furthermore within the Ordain of Maharaj Guru Gobind Singh Ji the portal is being made Exclusively
by sewa (dasvand) contributions in any amount big or small, Sarbat Khalsa Ji so that the
Solidarity of Gursikhs and humanity in this construction is reflected. All the sewa, bheta and contributions would be acknowledged and published on the site in the list of contributors unless they wish to remain anonymous.

The feedback received would be also published every day on the site so that all the Gursikhs could view the feedback from all over the world and participate in Grand Democratic process in building this site.

It may be noted that the concept will not have any name of any single person or Credit in this process of any single person. Sikh Scholars, Sikh associate domains and Charitable and Welfare organizations and NGO's who offer links with reciprocal facility are most welcome.

All the credits of the site remain dedicated Exclusively to Maharaj Guru Gobind Singh and the Humanity and Global Sikh Sangat.

It is appeal to the entire world Sikh Community and all the lovers of peace and Universal brotherhood to share their role in Interfaith dialogue and to Unite in this cause. The continuous purpose to Focus is on the needs of our Future Generation within the New World Order, Universalism the Original Concept of Guru Gobind Singh Ji.

This site has to be Unique and it does not have any objective to race with any other portals.

Our small role in this event and process could transform the life of members of our Future Generation, please don't forget this point at any time, so let us proceed together in this noble cause.

Thanking you for your great support and requesting to be forgiven for any error or inaccuracy or any mistake anywhere.

With warm regards,
Dust of the feet of Sarbat Khalsa

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